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I came upon the track "Bare Bones and Branches," this fall and it struck me as one of the most beautiful and delicate songs I have heard in a long time, while still being extremely poignant and memorable. I searched far and wide for more songs by Lewis & Clarke with no luck whatsoever. I finally have the album, and it turns out it has another track that makes me feel exactly the same way - "Dead and Gone." Lou Rogai is the sole penman of the debut Bare Bones and Branches and I was really impressed to find that this intricately crafted album was largely the work of one man. Once I found out he was from Northeast Pennsylvania, it added a whole new dimension to his music, associating sprawling images in my mind of so many lovely parts of that area with the songs perfectly crafted to accompany these scenes.

This is truly a timelessly breathtaking album. Even if you don't normally follow up with songs you download on my blog, please take the time to look at the website and consider buying the album and/or seeing him live.

[mp3] Lewis & Clarke - Bare Bones and Branches
[mp3] Lewis & Clarke - Dead and Gone (yousendit, expires 4/3)

I happened upon a Black Keys "mini-album advance," as it was labeled (Chulahoma). I wasn't too impressed ... it's typical Keys material with nothing we haven't seen before. There were no hits or anything particularly catchy, but four of the six songs push the four minute mark, which seemed to be about the limit for previous Keys material. I actually like the longest (6:52) best and I've uploaded "My Mind Is Ramblin'" on yousendit. Enjoy!

[mp3] The Black Keys - My Mind Is Ramblin' (yousendit, expires 4/3)

I posted some tracks off The Yeah Yeah Yeah's Show Your Bones a couple weeks ago, and Gorilla vs. Bear recently had a post with Zinner's remix of Gold Lion. It's definitely a noble b-side (from the Gold Lion EP) and I highly recommend it.

[post] Gorilla vs. Bear: Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Gold Lion (Nick Zinner Remix)

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