late again, but a post

So I started this post ages ago, sometime like the 5th or something ... and I'm finally getting around to finishing it.

Someone commented and wanted me to reupload the Sufjan rarities, so that is a coming post. More coming posts include the start of my best of 2007 and then my best of 2006, a little backwards, but you'll have to deal with it. The semester is ending so that's a ton of work and I may have a co-op over Christmas break, but I'll find time to make a few posts between working and writing music with Neal for Where There is Fire We Will Carry Gasoline. We're gong to try to write and record an ep and play some shows, so keep a heads up for dates and maybe a track or two from the ep. In the nearer future, I realized how much I like the demo acoustic recording of "Runner Up" so I'll be doing a little mastering work on that ... a tiny bit of compression and reverb to make it sound a little nicer. That should replace the old version on our myspace in a matter of weeks.

Here's my potential list for best albums of 2006. I'm sure I forgot a few but I'll add/narrow it down to 10 by early January...
Juana Molina – Son
Thom Yorke – The Eraser
Mogwai – Mr. Beast
My Brightest Diamond – Bring Me the Workhorse
M. Ward – Post War
Bob Dylan – Modern Times
Converge – No Heroes
Witmer – Safe Away (Re-Release)
The Velvet Teen – Cum Laude!
Yo La Tengo – I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass
– The Absence of Truth
Unwed Sailor – The White Ox
Copeland – Eat, Sleep, Repeat
Jeremy Enigk – World Waits
TV on the Radio – Return to Cookie Mountain
VanGaalen – Skeliconnection
Beck – The Information
The Thermals – The Body, The Blood, The Machine
Tortoise – A Lazarus Taxon
The Long Winters – Putting The Days To Bed
The Album Leaf – Into the Blue Again
The Format – Dog Problems
The Decemberists – The Crane Wife
Joanna Newsom – Ys
His Name Is Alive – Detrola
Sound Team – Movie Monster
Islands – Return to the Sea
Band of Horses – Everything All The Time
Final Fantasy – He Poos Clouds
Built to Spill – You In Reverse
The Raconteurs – Broken Boy Soldiers
Liars – Drums Not Dead
Mono – You Are There
Wolfmother – S/T
Loose Fur – Born Again in the USA
The Flaming Lips – At War with the Mystics
Cat Power – The Greatest
Appleseed Cast – Peregrine
Anathallo – Floating World
Aloha – Some Echoes
Sparrows Swarm and Sing – Oh Shenandoah, Mighty Death Will Find Me

EP’s of note:
Foxhole – Push/Pull
Jesu - Silver
David Bazan – Fewer Moving Parts
Jose Gonzalez – Stay in the Shade

Two weekends ago ... was one those weekends of shows. Thursday was Anathallo and Page France in Baltimore, Friday was Owen, Appleseed Cast, and Copeland in Philli, and Saturday was a Roustabout in State College which was rather unmentionable, except for the playing of The Flaming Lip's Zaireeka (I think that's how it's spelled), which is 8 tracks of 4 simultaneously playing discs. It was none less than breathtaking.

I'm pretty sure Ottobar wasn't allowing pictures, and my camera was not cooperating so I didn't get any shots there. Both Anathallo and Page France were amazing. I try to see Anathallo once a year, and luckily that happened on Thursday, and I was as blown away as I was every other time I've seen them. They mostly played stuff from Floating World which is good, but I really love their older material. I got my wish and they played "Holiday at the Sea" and broke into a verse of Joanna Newsom's "Milk Eyed Mender" in the midst, which was really suprising, but pulled off perfectly. I love Page France for "Chariot" and "Junkyard," but watching the whole set, I got a little bored. Yet, the girl that play keys and does background vocals is really cute. All that said, it was a great show.

[mp3] Anathallo - Don't Kid Yourself You Need a Physician
[mp3] Page France - Junkyard

Then Friday night was Acute, Owen, Appleseed Cast, and Copeland at TLA. This show was beyond words. We missed Owen, Acute was fine for an opener ... entertaining enough. And then Appleseed Cast. No matter what they play, or how many original members remain, their shows are so emotive. They don't really play anything before Low Level Owl much anymore, but the newer stuff is still really good despite falling short in comparison to Mare Vitalis. Copeland put on an awesome show as well. I haven't seen them in years, and I wasn't sure how I'd react to seeing newer songs live and just how they perform in general. I was pleasantly suprised. Stage banter was a little lacking, but the set flowed entremely well and the show was great with the additional lights and backdrops. A couple pictures below of ASC and Copeland ...

I'm going to dip way back in my pictures for a few from the October 7th John Frances, M. Ward and Juana Molina show. M. Ward was great, but I most enjoyed Juana Molina. She plays solo live and builds up the her songs peice by piece with a sample pedal using voice, keyboard, and guitar. I was exteremly impressed with her performance; definitely look her up.

[mp3] M. Ward - Big Boat
[mp3] Juana Molina - Micael
[mp3] Juana Molina - Malherido
[mp3] Juana Molina - No Seas Antipatica