beach house and high places @ the sugar tank

Well, Lancaster is half decent again as of Sunday the 6th, thanks to a new artist collective/warehouse space called The Sugar Tank. (The Chameleon Club stopped having good shows years ago ... if you're not from central PA, ignore these first 2 sentences.) If you don't know Beach House ... you'd better get on that, and see them live ASAP too. I've linked to "Gila" below which is on their new (and really good) album Devotion out February 26. As far as High Places, they are from Brooklyn and you can tell ... in the best way possible. They put on a really fun live show complete with constant, pounding bass, multitudes of percussion, and bounding melodies - whether it be on recorder or synth. Oh, and my top album list for 2007 ... still coming soon ... lists are so overrated.

[mp3] Beach House - Gila
[link] Beach House on myspace

[mp3] High Places - Shared Islands
[link] High Places on myspace

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