I did not take any pictures at the show on Friday so here's an alternate. I was just playing with my camera down on my neighbor's farm. They are in South Africa for a while and I was helping my sister take care of their dogs. It was screaming for me to take pictures so I took my camera over one day.

I don't have too much to post about amidst the bussle of the start of the semester so I'll just like to the the two bands Neal and I played with on Friday night. Sorry Where There Is Fire We Will Carry Gasoline doesn't have anything recorded ... we're too lazy. But listen to both of these bnads. The Art of Abandonment was some fun hardcore stuff if that's your thing and Mike of Passenger is a truely amazing songwriter. I hope he can go somewhere with his talent.

Passenger @ Purevolume

The Art of Abandonment @ Myspace

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