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The beauty of the first week of classes is I have no class this Thursday since there is no way to have a physics quiz in the first week, so I have time for a pretty meaty post. Over the past couple of months, I have come to realize that The Glow: Part 2 by The Microphones is the sort of record everybody should have listened to and fell in love with at some point in their life. The progression into Mt. Eerie has only provided a new proving ground for the musical and writing abilities of Phil Elverum, despite what pitchfork has to say about No Flashlight (remeber - it was in my top 10). Elverum has also recorded for people other than himself ... namely Adrian Orange aka Thanksgiving. You can feel the tinge of Microphones/Mt. Eerie sound in Thanksgiving's material, but it's fresh, less dark (musically, almost poppy in some cases), and obviously a whole seperate entity/artist. Someone exposed my friend Neal to them at art school and he's mentioned them quite a few times ... I've just never had the initiative to hunt down some of Adrian's material until very recently. There's definitely quite a big tinge of the mid-fi Microphones sound, semi-monotone vocals, and very non-traditional percussion, but this guy has it all laid out to really make a name for himself. Thanksgiving really sits in a genre almost by itself that has essentially remainded under the radar to a lot of people who I'm sure would fall in love with this sound. I'd really love to see it explode in the indie scene, but one guy with one opinion isn't going to change much ... so listen up. Thanksgiving is touring like a fiend this spring so get out and see him. Look at the site for tourdates (Phili + Baltimore are on there for any local folk reading this).

The tracks you can download from his label, Marriage Records, are completely untagged and if you're like me that is a problem. I'll put the title, album, and track number behind each mp3 so you can be just as anal and properly tag your music too. The "A:" will denote the album the track is on and #/# is the track number out of the total tracks

[mp3] Thanksgiving - Dead Dear & Other Animals
A: Thanksgiving 6/24
[mp3] Thanksgiving - (you belong to the) blood
A: Cave Days and Moments 6/12
[mp3] Thanksgiving - Ageism
A: The River 2/10
[mp3] Thanksgiving - Track 3 (off with yr hats)
A: Nothing 3/10
[mp3] Thanksgiving - Before You Died
A: We Could Be Each Other's Evidence 1/11
[mp3] Thanksgiving - Now It is All Over
A: Now It's All Over Like the Birds
[mp3] Thanksgiving - The Ghost and the Eyes

Thanksgiving @ hivestudios.net

I just bought Mark Kozelek's If You Want Blood a 2xLP that is mostly completely reworked AC/DC covers. It's essentially the predicessor to Tiny Cities in my mind and I can't wait until my preamp ships so I can listen to this. After I bought it, I went on the label's site and saw that it's completely sold out for online ordering until restocks come back from records stores. I'm glad I'm the only one in State College who likes Mark Kozelek enought to buy this, otherwise I might have to pay up on eBay which doesn't even show a copy being for sale at the moment.

[mp3] Mark Kozelek - Up To My Neck in You
[mp3] Mark Kozelek - Love At First Feel

Another enormous find of the day (!!!) :
I was looking through the r5 website that puts together tons of shows in the Philly area and first I see The Books at the bottom of the screen. I just about freaked out when I saw that because I've really gotten into The Books big time this year and they've managed to creep their way into my top 10 favorite bands of the time being. I look up at the date and it's a Saturday so I get even more excited, now knowing it would be completely feasible to make it to a Philly show on a weekend as long as I'm caught up with my work. So I regain my composure and scroll down ... Jose Gonzalez is opening and The Books are going to have a full video backdrop playing during they're set which has the potential to be really mindblowing. This may be the most perfect show of all time. I'm extremely excited for this.

The Books
Jose Gonzalez
Death Vessel
Saturday, March 27th 7:30 PM $12
The International House, Philidelphia PA

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theInfinitePet said...

ah seen i would love to make it to that show. apparantly, we both spent our breaks listening to jose gonzalez. and im really getting into Lost and safe.

copeland is playing messiah on february 4 (the first saturday in feb), but mewithoutyou couldn't open as originally planned. they're looking for new openers, so i proposed anathallo/saxon shore/the evan anthem, so we'll see what happens. cool hand luke has also been mentioned as a possibility.

let me know ifyou want a ticket to the show or anything