the summer continues

So I've been having a glorious summer working at Philmont Scout Ranch despite no time for new music. What new music I have been listening to has been mostly of the bluegrass/folk persuasion. If your current tastes don't include these genres, I suggest you track some down. I don't really have too many suggestions since most of what I've been listening to has been played be friends/people around. So track down some bluegrass and folk and start listening ... until the end of the summer, Sean.


Mitch said...

For those of us who know (read: me), where was that picture taken?

Anonymous said...

That's looking east from Tooth Ridge about a mile from the Tooth with a storm moving over the plains. Come on Mitch, that's obvious.

Anonymous said...

are the rumors true? someone said you sustained a pretty severe finger injury while saving people in a flash flood.

-eric myers