i'm back ... into the blue again

Into the Blue Again, The Album Leaf's new lp, hit shelves today. It's as brilliant as anything you'd expect from Jimmy Lavelle, and if you liked songs with vocals that were few and far between in previous albums, there's actually more than one. The signature complexly layered tracks, unique and quiet beats, and general synthesized excellence remains from previous albums, growing and progressing in sound only very subtlely. Into the Blue Again is an amazing follow-up to In A Safe Place, and will only further satisfy and impress those who loved the previous album. I'm sure I'll have more to say as my full listens increase from my initial three.

[mp3] The Album Leaf - Always for You
[mp3] The Album Leaf - See in You (Yousendit uploaded 9/12)

Well it's good to be back. I'll most likely start posting semi-daily again now that I finally broke down and posted again. There is a possibility I may start doing an album review once a week as well as posting my regular findings within the music world and mp3s. Hopefully people are still reading this...

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