dirty projectors + jens lekman

East Coast nomads turn international superstars saw the release of their newest, and most conceptually imaginative release, last week on Dead Oceans. Rise Above rose out of the at first outlandish idea of doing some Black Flag covers completely from memory. No tabs, no lyrics sheets, no re-listening, so at 11 tracks strong, Rise Above is much more a re-imagined album built from the cassette tapes still echoing in mastermind and frontman Dave Longstreth's head. You can hear the signature mix of avant garde, punk, folk, and so much more that makes up The Dirty Projector's sound in "Depression" from Rise Above. Be sure to visit their myspace for info on their current tour and where to pick up the new album.

[mp3]The Dirty Projectors - Depression

Swedish crooner Jens Lekman's second studio effort, Night Falls Over Kortedala, is due out October 9 in the US on Secretly Canadian. The new record seems a bit more upbeat and orchestrated ... I kind of liked sad, sappy Jens a little better but I'll get used to it. Here's "I'm Leaving You Because I don't Love You" off the new album filled with great samples, plunky piano, and a faint, but funky bassline. Oh and of course, Jens' wonderful and distinctive voice.

[mp3]Jens Lekman - I'm Leaving You Because I Don't Love You

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