READ, LOOK, we're back + Whartscape Photos

I would like to apologize to the 10 of you that have been asking me when I am going to update the blog and my incessant answer of "oh, in a week or two." Well this week is the week that I shall be returning to the weekly post (if not more). I figured I'd make it more of an occasion and change up the layout a bit too.

I decided to start using my flickr account, and to streamline things, I'm going to start embedding slideshows of my show pictures with the use of a really cool widget called PictoBrowser. I am kind of in love with how sleek it looks and how much easier it is that me having to put in each picture in explain it. If you guys as readers don't like it, post a comment and I'll look for a different photo posting solution.

Whartscape (July 19-21, 2007)

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