Neal's Top 21 of 2007

ok kids, so its that time of year. What time of year is that do you ask? Well, Top 10 time of course! And not to be left out this is my top 21 of 2007.

Note: this top 21 is NOT of albums that came out in 2007, nor are they in order from most favorite to least favorite, although they may be. It is more of a list of awesome music I have been listening to in 2007...

21.)ecstatic sunshine - living

20.)the arcade fire - neon bible

19.)the talking heads - sand in the vaseline jar

18.)television - marquee moon

17.)the misfits

16.)low - drums and guns

15.)boredoms - seadrum/house of sun

14.)mount eerie - pts. 6 & 7

13.)tim hecker - harmony in ultraviolet

12.)soft circle - self titled

11.)panda bear - person pitch

10.)deerhoof - friend opportunity

9.)tara jane o'neil - after a dark seven

8.)the besnard lakes - are the dark horse

7.)raccoo-oo-oon - behold secret kingdom

6.)animal collective - strawberry jam

5.)battles - mirrored

4.)lucky dragons - dark falcon

3.)casanets - in the vines

2.)akron/family - love is simple

1.)dirty projectors - rise above

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Anonymous said...

best album art list, get on it! and i was going to say why no dr dog? and then i thought about it.