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Explosions in the Sky everyone should already know. Everything they have put out is amazing and if you can't just jump right into these sprawling post-rock symphonies often verging on 10 minutes try the Friday Night Lights soundtrack which is a little is another band that more accessible and largely original music they composed strictly for the movie. Their most recent release has been The Rescue EP, a part of the Travels in Constants EP series on Temporary Residence. The EP was only available to subscribers to the series and EITS took a limited amount on their European tour to sell. So obviously eBay is an option for obtaining an actual copy but that might get pretty expensive. EITS has said on their website that since The Rescue was such a limited release, it's fine with them if you want to download it. So I uploaded it to the same place I used for the bss. It's pretty fast, I like it, and I think it's going to be what I use whenever I upload anything to link in this blog. Pardon the ads; that is what's paying for your ability to download.

[zip] Explosions in the Sky - The Rescue

Also, to steal from Sixeyes, I really like the stuff he posted by The Vertical Struts. I'm not exactly sure if there is some unwritten blog etiquette stating that it is an absolutely indignity to step on someone else's blog-turf; I'm going to try and see if I don't get smitten or anything. Anyway, it has kind of the same vibe/idea (being a guitar/drum two-piece) as the Black Keys, but a little more modern and accessible I think - less bluesy, a little more straight up rock and roll.

[mp3] The Vertical Struts - Stab, Stab, Stab

[mp3] The Vertical Struts - Girlfriend Boyfriend

[mp3] The Vertical Struts - Sh!

And by the way, R2D2 is a complete jerk. I was watching Revenge of the Sith last night and I realized it. C3PO's memory gets wiped but not R2. He knows Darth Vader is Luke's paternal figure and he never tells him! What an ass!

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Dave said...

Nice one - have been trying to find 'The Rescue' for a while now, stumbled on your blog via Google. You have rather good taste, I'll be back here more often. Thanks again!