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James McAlister (middle) has been busy with things other than Ester Drang lately. He's been on tour with Sufjan Stevens (right) for quite a while as the percussion section of the Illinoisemakers. He also played drums on Denison Witmer's (left) cd Are You a Dreamer? released this summer on Militia Group. To further the connections both Denison and Ester Drang have made numerous releases on Burnt Toast Vinyl out of Phili, which happens to be an amazing label run by an amazing guy, Scott Hatch. Technically McAlister is in Ester Drang who I thought was all but dead for quite a while after not really updating their website. I was going to be sad if Pleasure Themes and Get Rich Schemes was their last release I heard in a while. I bought the Circle of Birds ep over the summer and that held me over for a bit since Ester Drang contributed largely to that along with Unwed Sailor, David Bazan, and others . But Ester Drang is alive and well and announced at the begining of October that they will release their new album, Rocinate, January 24 on their most recent home - Jade Tree. That's so long to wait for more Ester Drang. Come Back Alive is the first track off the forthcoming cd and Repeating the Procedure is song off one of my favorite albums ever, Goldenwest, but the version I have posted is slightly different than the album version and is off of a 7" split with Antenna Lodge.

[mp3] Ester Drang - Come Back Alive

[mp3] Ester Drang - Repeating the Procedure

[mp3] Denison Witmer - The 80's

[mp3] Denison Witmer - California Brown and Blue

[mp3] Sufjan Stevens - Casmir Pulaski Day

[mp3] Circle of Birds - Old Ironsides

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