my favorite ep ever

Anathallo's Holiday at the Sea EP is probably my favorite EP ever. It is seriously verging upon the best 18 minutes of music ... ever. I took the picture I posted at Purpledoor 2004. At this year's festival they played a cover of The Book's "Smell Like Content." I think they are about the only only band ever pull off a Books cover. They can't even play the song I'm posting live because there are parts that are too high. Matt(?) had not fully become a man when they recorded it. Keep your heads up ... they have a split with Javelins that came out November 18 and only 300 were pressed. If you see one, get your hands on it.

[mp3] Anathallo - Don't Kid Yourself, You Need A Physician

[mp3] Javelins - I Was Raised As A Polar Bear

[mp3] The Books - Smells Like Content

-- more mp3s @ Anathallo's Purevolume

I started this post last night and didn't get around to publishing it today. I'll try to keep the entries coming this week ... but it's the two weeks before finals - then home!


Anonymous said...

Javelins songs " i was raised by a polar bear" is not the same "javelins" that did, the split with anathallo.. right web page, wrong song.

check out www.suburbansprawlmusic.com to hear the "detroit" javelins


Nathan Smart said...