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Earlier last month, Imaginary Baseball League called it quits. The good news is they now have their 3 releases posted for download on their site. This is yet another band that should have made it big but never did. They have such a commanding presence in their songs that rings with talent and (should have been) success. I found them about two years ago in a links section of some other band's website that I had stumbled upon through yet another links section. But right now you are probably asking yourself a more important question like, "Why don't I know this band if he's talking about them like I should." Consider yourself introduced. Beautifully crafty songs, catchy upbeat ones, and quieter others, just listen for yourself. For the longest time, I listened to the 4 songs they had posted for download off their newest album, Revive, and really wished I could motivate myself to buy the cd, but I never did. I guess good things come to those who wait. "Fat Boys are not Athletes" and "Statistics" are two of my favorites. Download away ...

-- mp3s (Revive is a zip) of all IBL's material @ IBL's website

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theInfinitePet said...

hey seen, nice post, IBL suffered quite a premature death.

also, im only asking because i know you're a My morning jacket fan, do you have their christmas ep, "Does Christmas Fiasco Style" /does Xmas fiasco style? i've been looking all over for it. if you don't have it, keep an eye out please ;)