I'm kind of dissappointed in myself. I did not include any Six Parts Seven songs in my winter mix when Everywhere and Right Here is probably one of my favorite, if not my top, winter albums. So here's a song ... tack it on the end of the first mix as the 17th song and it will then be the perfect winter mix. But perfect is a high goal to aspire to, oh well, I tried. (It will also work in the third one.)

[mp3] The Six Parts Seven - This One Or That One?

I didn't mean to bump the winter mixes from the top. They are still there, keep looking and listening... download them!

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theInfinitePet said...

seen looks like some good mixes
i just wanted to say that you should have included sufjan stevens' "the avalanche" in one of them, one of my favorite suf songs :(

dave said...

i saw the six parts seven for the first time last winter.. it was a snowy drive to ohio.. but it was definitely worth it.