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When The Exquisite Death of Saxon Shore was released back in October, It was all I talked about and listened to for weeks. Seeing Saxon Shore live over the summer was such a mindblowing experience - they have progressed and matured so much in their sound while never losing their signature. If I had an mp3 blog in October, it's probably safe to say that every single post I would have made in that month would have been on Saxon Shore. They have been slowly expanding their arsenal of instruments and soundmakes of all sorts over the past few years and it is completely for the better. The quartet that once utilized just guitars, bass, and drums on Be A Bright Blue has now come to master anything and everything that can make a sound and incorporate it into their sprawling soundscapes. Every song on the new record is no dense, completely filled out with sound, and beautiful. Some people accuse them of jumping on the post rock train and following the likes of Mogwai (new album forthcoming, I'm excited about that), Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and Sigur Rós, or just somewhere in the midst of all that. I see no imitation here whatsoever.

Saxon Shore has truly found the niche of where their perfect sound is and they're running with it. I hope in gets them somewhere ... the new album has been charting in the top 200 on CMJ since its release and it would be really awesome for them to take off for their own sake and Burnt Toast Vinyl's. BTV is one of my favorite indie labels and Scotch Hatch who runs it seems like such a great guy from the couple times I've talked to him and the all quality releases he's put out. I bought the Luck Will Not Save Us From A Jackpot Of Nothing EP over the summer which only made me more anxious for the release of Exquisite Death... . There was a slight chance that Scott would be selling the new album then if the duplication and priniting company was running on schedule but it unfortunately was not, so I sadly had to wait until October.

Give Saxon Shore a listen and hopefully you'll completely fall in love with all their just as I have. Please support them and buy the new cd from Insound. And at this point I think I'll name it as the album of the year. I'll round out the top 10 some time before the years end and post the other 9, but for now ...

[BEST RELEASE OF 2005] Saxon Shore - The Exquisite Death Of Saxon Shore

[mp3] Saxon Shore - The Revolution Will Be Streaming
[mp3] Saxon Shore - April 14
[mp3] Saxon Shore - Amber, Ember, Glow
[mp3] Saxon Shore - Replacement Driver
[mp3] Saxon Shore - Live on 8/23/03

-- more mp3s + tour dates @ Saxon Shore's Myspace

Don't forget about the winter mixes ... I'm going to keep posting reminders at the bottom of every post from now on.

[post] winter mix(es)

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theInfinitePet said...

ah seen, you're probably right, i should just megaupload it. i guess i havne't in the past because of my past experiences with it. i'll give it a whirl.

as for the post. saxon shore. amazing. i can't wait to see them again this summer. although i've only seen them twice, both times were incredible. thanks so much for getting this album to me way back when. it was my most listened to for a while. i'll be sure to buy it this summer, unless maybe they swing by messiah sooner ;)