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[post] winter mix(es)

Josh (who writes The Infinite Pet -- highly reccommended) reminded me of Sufjan Steven's "The Avalanche," a bouns track off Illinois. It totally slipped my mind to go in with the obviously winter-theme titled songs. So add this one to the end of mix 2. I used megaupload again since it's easy, efficient, fast, and convenient; I hope you don't mind.

[aac] Sufjan Stevens - The Avalanche

... and what I titled this post (without much thinking) is completely, inadvertantly related to my last post. There is an album of reworked, lyrics added Six Parts Seven songs called Lost Notes From Forgotten Songs. Sam Beam of Iron & Wine does a beautiful remake of "Sleeping Diagonally."

[mp3] Sam Beam - Sleeping Diagonally

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