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So it's been a while since I last posted, let alone take part in some of my usual semi-daily rituals like scouring others blogs for new music and downloading albums off rapidshare. Sorry if I let anyone down ... there won't be too much downloadable music in this post, merely an anecdote. "Home" has transferred itself from State College back to York for about a month as of last week, and I've been finding quite a bit to occupy myself with, hence the lack of posting.

On with the anecdote ... A bunch of friends gathered in this one kid's basement for nostalgia's sake (since we spent quite a bit of time down there on weekends in high school). We were playing pool, sitting around, catching up, and spinning some vinyl. I believe someone threw Demon Days on and then the next person in line for choice of tunes pulled out The Black Keys 10 AM Automatic 7" and forgets to switch the speed to 45. So it's playing slow and we're all confused, I yell at him to switch it up, and it slides up to speed. Commotion ensues and then someone asks what 33 1/3 record we'd want to hear at 45. Somehow, 3 of us simultaneously responded with Sigur Ros - ( ). Then we started listening to a bunch of stuff sped up and slowed down... Things like Iron and Wine - Woman King (faster) and The Secret Machine - Girl from the North Country (slower). It was a night of novelty. You should try it too - or just speed up and slow down the mp3s with the software of your choice.

[mp3] Sigur Ros - Untitled 4 (njosnavelin)

Maybe if I get bored later this week I'll upload a sped up version.

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