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I'm home in York for the long Thanksgiving weekend and I didn't think I'd get to update ... but I'm forcing myself. I went to see a local favorite, Kingsfoil, at a local coffee favorite, Sparky and Clarks. This duo (+2 sometimes) is really something to talk about. I'm talking good in just general terms of all there is to listen to out there, not just local terms. Definitely listen to the songs they have on their Purevolume page (and fall in love with their sound).

-- mp3s @ Kingsfoil's Purevolume

Ryan Asher opened for Kingsfoil and I must say I was impressed. He is an excellent guitar player, has a voice with both presence and warmth, and played memorable songs, both his own and covers (ala Coldplay, Radiohead... which seem cliche but he pulled them off extremely well). He was giving out the last couple of his EP's in exchange for signing up for his mailing list since he's anxiously awaiting the finishing and release of his forthcoming album. I have yet to listen to the EP, but I'm sure it's good. I'm going to post a zip; I hope you appreciate the publicity, Ryan.

[zip] Ryan Asher - Conscious Universe

The record I am listening to at the moment is The Old Canes - Early Morning Hymns. I downloaded the two songs they have on their site almost immediately after hearing about the Appleseed Cast sideproject. I fell in love with "Face It" and "Taxi on Vermont," but I couldn't find the cd anywhere and I wasn't so desperate as to order it online. Finally on a trip to Soundgarden in Baltimore, I happened upon it. Amazing cd ... highly recommended.

[mp3] The Old Canes - Face It

[mp3] The Old Canes - Taxi on Vermont

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